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100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale

100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale

    • 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale
    • 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale
    • 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale
    • 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale
    • 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale
  • 100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Xuchang
    Brand Name: Super-Sweet
    Certification: ISO, GMP,BS,FDA
    Model Number: 4001

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50kgs
    Price: 15-30
    Packaging Details: 20&25kgs: Packed with paper drum with double plastic bags inside. 1kg: Packed aluminum foiled with
    Delivery Time: 10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, , Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 200TONS
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    Detailed Product Description
    Packaging:: BOTTLE Shelf Life:: More Than 2 Years In -18 Degree Freezing Conditiors
    Brix (%): 20% Protein (%):: 14.6 %
    Product Name: Fresh Royal Jelly Moisture: 63%
    MOA: Avaible Acidity: 34%
    Protein: 1-16% 10-HAD: 1-2.0

    100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale



    SUPER-SWEET is one of the leading China royal jelly cream suppliers and manufacturers, our professional factory is able to produce natural and organic royal jelly with cheap price and high quality. Welcome to wholesale pure and raw royal jelly, and to buy bulk products from us. organic lyophilized royal jelly with more than 600 bee farms and 400 organic bee farms.


    Royal jelly cream is made by bees to feed their young and is the sole food for the queen bee throughout her life. Thriving on this diet, the queen bee will live up to fifty times longer than the average worker bee. Each day of her extraordinary life she will lay more than 1500 eggs, ensuring the survival of the hive. SUPER-SWEET royal jelly cream is available fresh frozen, lyophilized (dried), in capsules and as a powder. 


    Royal jelly products is listed as follows:



    Product name


    Fresh royal jelly 1.8%, 2.0%


    Lyophilized Royal Jelly(Royal jelly powder) 5.0%, 6.0%


    Water-soluble Lyophilized Royal Jelly


    Royal jelly capsule


    Royal jelly softgel capsule


    Royal jelly tablet


    Royal jelly oral liquid


    Ginseng Royal Jelly oral liquid



    We works directly with our beekeepers from normal bee farm and organic bee farm.

    - Liquid

    - Powder





    Fresh royal jelly is stored in our 100MT freezer, we operate large scale drying machinery for lyophilized royal jelly powder, allowing for the prodution of high volumes in short lead times, Morever, we are able to adjust the density and particle size of powders, through the use of its automatic roller compactors.



    By testing on 10-HDA content, Moisture, Acidity, Protein content, antibiotics and pesticide residue, etc in our lab. The extensive analytical equipment includes HPLC, UV, AA and GC, they back up the royal jelly tests for antibiotics, pesticides residue, heavy metal and micro-biology.

    100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale



    Royal jelly


    A) Fresh royal jelly 
    B) Lyophilized Royal Jelly powder  
    C) Lyophilized Royal Jelly tablet  
    D) Royal jelly powder capsule  
    F ) Royal jelly softgel capsule


    royal jelly 1.8


    Royal jelly is a complicated ingredient bee products. It contains protein, fatty acid, saccharides, vitamin A, vitamin B1,Vitamin B2, folic acid, pantothenic acid and inositol.It contains a material that is like acetylcholine. It also contians many kinds of animo acid and biological hormone which are needed of human body.


    Royal jelly chemical component is different because of different bees, age, seasons and staminate plant. Generally speaking, royal jelly contains water, raw protein, carbohydrate, lipid, minerals and some unsure materials.


    Royal jelly is rich of estrogen. It has adjuvant therapy efficacy for menopause women.



    • Royal jelly contians a certain amount of acetyl choline. It has good effect for human nervous system;
    • Royal jelly is rich of Vitamin B and high quality protein, especially 10-HDA. It is a good medicine for treating cancers;
    • Royal jelly has a function of promoting hematopoietic function. It can help increasing hemoglobin, promoting growing and improving the disease resistance;
    • Royal jelly contains panothenic acid. It can help improving rheumatism and palindromic rheumatism;
    • Royal jelly contains class insulin-like peptide. Its fomula weight is similar with insulin. So it can adjust pancreas islet function of diabetic;
    • Royal jelly can strengthen the function of the adrenal cortex. It anc adjust human hormones and excite brain cell. It can help treating menopausal disorder and chronic inflammation in the prostate.
    • Royal jelly can strengthen the foundation strength and make human body aging tisuue activation;
    • Royal jelly contains peptide and proteins. It can help promoting the development of intelligence so it can improve memory;
    • Royal jelly contains protein heomone and natural antibiotics. When it is used to treat scald, it has the function of preventing the infection, promoting cell to generate and leaving with no scar;
    • Royal jelly contains many kinds of inoganic salt. It can help promoting glycogen release and promoting metabolism. So it can be used on skin lightening and eliminating markings;
    • Royal jelly can regulate blood lipids.


    10-HDA 1.0 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.1 fresh royal jelly:

    10-HDA 1.2 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.3 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.4 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.5 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.6 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.7 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.8 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 1.9 fresh royal jelly:

    10-HDA 2.0 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 2.1 fresh royal jelly: 

    10-HDA 2.2 fresh royal jelly: 


    STORAGE: Store in a frozen place and protect with seaed lid.


    royal jelly 1.8



    royal jelly 1.8royal jelly 1.8

    100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale

    100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale

    100% Pure Fresh Royal Jelly - Nautral Gelee Royale


    royal jelly 1.8

    Appearance Liquid
    Color Milk white, yellow
    10-HDA 1.8
    Moisture 65-67.5%
    Protein 11-16%
    Acid 30-53ml/100g
    Ash 0.5-0.9%
    Lead 0.01-0.05mg/kg


    Certificate Available


    USDA Organic Certificate
    ECOCERT Certificate
    Halal Certificate
    Certificate of inspection for import of products from organic production into the european community
    Health Certificate
    Veterinary Certificate
    GMP certificate
    Certificate of Origin


    royal jelly 1.8

    (Please contact xu@supersweetgroup.com to get a copy of your requested certificate)


    royal jelly 1.8royal jelly 1.8


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